Golders Green Crematorium


Here I am writing the first and official post (#hooray)! I really want to share with you all one of the greatest experience I’ve ever lived.

I’ve spent these last days in Golders Green which is a lovely area in North London and on the 26th of February I decided to “visit” Keith Moon and Marc Bolan (aka T-Rex) at the Golders Green Crematorium. Arrived there I started to memorize the map at the entrance, I mean, who wants to get lost in a crematorium? Anyway, while there staring at the map I’ve been approached by Eric, the head of maintenance, who has been the kindest human being I’ve ever met. He told me where to “find” Keith and Marc, he talked me about all the fans who go there paying their respect and also showed me some pictures taken during the 16th of September (Marc Bolan death’s anniversary) when fans go there dressed in a very glam-rock style with feather boa and tight trousers.



I had a very relaxing walk (shame it was a rainy day) and at the end of it Eric took me around the crematorium for a some sort of an “unofficial tour”. He showed me the urns of Anna Pavlova, Sigmund Freud and HEAR ME HEAR ME the amazing Bram Stoker (they’re in different columbarium which are generally closed to the public) and then he took me for a quick glance at the actual cremator and… yes the furnaces were on, with burning coffins inside!!

   IMG_20150226_112738.jpg_effected IMG_20150226_113843.jpg_effected


At the end of the whole incredible tour as it was very rainy and cold, he put the kettle on and treated me with a hot cup of tea and some biscuits, a perfect conclusion of an amazing day that I will never forget!

Golders Green Crematorium

1 Hoop Lane, Golders Green, London, NW11 7NL

Elle. xx

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