Cool stuff for Weirdos #1: Burke & Hare Co.

Hey y’all! Hope you all had a nice Easter time, as for me I’m still on a chocolate overdose.

I decided to create a new “section” called ‘Cool stuff for Weirdos’ where yours truly will share with you all interesting and unique stuff. I’ll be starting from Burke & Hare Co. a company based in Providence that produces candles inspired by goth culture, literature and history.

All the items in this shop are handmade and, personally, I’m in love with their aesthetic. Moreover the mix of the scents is pretty unique, just thinking of ‘Nevermore‘ the candle dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe, where leather and tobacco blend with black tea, spicy pepper and woods with a subtle undertone of sandalwood.

Burned At The Stake‘ is another candle that caught my attention, mainly because I love everything “witchcraft” related. As written on their site this candle smells purely like a sweet bonfire, burning leaves and pine with almost silent hints of clove and spices.

Another one that makes me very curious about it is ‘Bathory‘ featuring fresh zest of Blood Oranges surrounded by a blend of Cassis and Neroli alongside the spicy notes of Black and Chili Peppers, ending with Sheer Musk. I bet it smells incredibly amazing.

Picking just one or two candles is a very hard mission as they all have something unique that you just want to buy them all, so take your time, read all the descriptions and… may God have mercy of your wallet.

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Happy Easter (the weird way)!

Buongiorno peeps and happy Easter!
You might probably imagine that my favourite time of the year is: Halloween! Believe it or not there’s a country that celebrates Easter a bit like Halloween. I mean what kind of a weird blog would it be if I don’t write about it?!

The lucky country is Finland where the children dress up as witches with broomsticks hanged around their necks and they wander in the streets in search of treats. It is believed that during the festival, witches become more powerful and bonfires are made to scare them off.

Easter witch is a popular character in the Nordic Easter tradition. In Finland and Sweden alike, it was believed that witches, who were mainly old, malicious women, were flying around on brooms, hurting cattle and doing other mischief. Today, they are most often represented as scarf-clad women riding a broom, accompanied by a black cat and a copper coffee pot. Little witches whisking willow twigs can be seen toddling around throughout the country on Palm Sunday.

Photo: Niklas Meltio
Photo: Niklas Meltio

As for me what I really love about Easter is that I can scoff chocolate (dark one for me, please) for a couple of days, I mean, it’s tradition! Hope you’re all having a joyful and a bit weird Easter!

Elle. x