The Midnight Society #1: Enfield Poltergeist


It’s midnight – well, at least where I live – and it is the perfect time for some real ghost stories! The Midnight Society (Do you remember “Are you afraid of the dark”?) is the new section of this weird blog and will be about real ghost stories and other spooky events. I still have to figure out if it will be a weekly or a monthly thing… we shall see!

From August 1977 to September 1978 a series of paranormal events took place in Enfield, a quiet north-London suburb, and have subsequently become one of the world’s most shocking and famous poltergeist cases. Reports of levitation, possessions and objects were moved and thrown when nobody was around – are few of the things that occured and left a permanent mark on all those who were involved.

The events took place at  Peggy Hodgson’s house, a divorced woman who lived with her four children (Margaret, Janet, Pete and Jimmy) in a council house at 284 Green Street. In particular, the phenomena appeared to rotate around Janet, who was then 11 years. The first to complain about something unusual was precisely Janet and her brother Pete (10 years), who told his mother that he felt their beds shaking. The next night they heard strange blows on the walls, and later the same Peggy Hodgson, initially skeptical, saw a big basket of laundry slid along the floor without anyone touching it, she tried to put it back in its place, but the basket moved again, returning to its previous position, from which it was impossible to remove. The following morning, the family went into the neighbour’s house and described the night’s events. Vic Nottingham, the neighbour, went into the house to see if he could explain what was going on. He too heard the noises, and said that the knocking followed him from room to room.

Reports of further incidents in the house attracted considerable press attention and the story was covered in British newspapers such as the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror. It was a correspondent for the Daily Mirror who suggested the family to contact the Society for Psychical Research which entrusted the case to Maurice Grosse, who arrived on the scene on September 5, a week after the beginning of the events.

Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair recorded over 2,000 unexplained events at the house. Electronic equipment would occasionally refuse to work inside the house but operated perfectly as soon as it was taken outside. Late one evening, when the children were asleep in their rooms and Maurice Grosse was downstairs compiling his day’s findings, he was disturbed by the sound of Janet screaming. Maurice ran to the foot of the stairs only to see the 12-year-old apparently being dragged through her bedroom door by an unseen force she was hauled down the stairs and dumped unceremoniously at Maurice’s feet.

During the latter months of this haunting, the phenomena took an unexpected twist when one day the family was in the living room and suddenly a dog started barking they didn’t have a dog! Maurice decided that if the entity was able to produce a bark, perhaps it could be coaxed into speaking. He began asking questions and to his amazement the entity answered! The answers came from Janet, the voice was strange, deep and guttural, and very much sounded like that of an old man.

The spirit claimed to be that of a man called Bill who said that he was the previous occupier of the house, and stated that he had died of a brain hemorrhage in an armchair in the living room. A recording of the voice was played to the deceased mans son, he confirmed that the voice was his fathers.

I suggest you to watch this documentary where you can hear Bill’s voice. I can only and honestly say that it gave me the creeps.

Elle. x


5 thoughts on “The Midnight Society #1: Enfield Poltergeist

  1. That voice is very creepy indeed! I knew about this story already but never seen this documentary.
    I like the idea of the Midnight Society, Are you afraid of the dark was my favourite tv show as a kid.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve always been fascinated by ghosts stories, I know loads of them, but just like you I’ve some doubts! Still, some stories and recordings are kinda creepy! x


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