The Midnight Society #2: The House That Dripped Blood

It’s the Midnight Society time again! Oh I’m sooo in love with it, especially because I have the chance to write about spooky stories, and I love to write them!


593 west 11th street San Pedro, California it was where Jackie Hernandez lived and in which a documented poltergeist attack was caught on tape. Dr. Barry Taff, cameraman Barry Conrad, Jeff Wheatcraft and a local journalist Larry Brooks were called to investigate the home when they too found samples of human blood pooling and dripping from the ceiling and walls of the home (Taff managed to get a sample done of the liquid at a forensics lab at UCLA and it was confirmed to be human blood plasma).

The unseen force in Jackie’s house manifested itself in form of disembodied head, black shadows, moving objects, strange smells and flying orbs, Jackie also claims to have seen apparitions of a dead old man.

At the very beginning Wheatcraft was quite skeptical while listening to Jackie’s account, however it did not take so long for Wheatcraft’s skepticism to fade out when the group suddenly heard a large pounding emanating from the attic. Before leaving, Conrad asked Wheatcraft if he could climb into the attic and shoot a couple of photos, Wheatcraft agreed and while standing atop a washing machine, he began clicking away. Suddenly, without warning, the group heard a scream, Jeff bolted down from the attic. As he approached the investigation team, he held out his trembling hands, his face as white as a ghost, indicating that something had happened. Everybody was on edge. They noticed that Jeff’s camera was indeed gone. He went on to describe the fact that he was about to shoot his third picture when all of a sudden he felt a violent pull and the camera went flying-to where, he didn’t know. As the group tried to calm him down, Conrad felt an intense adrenaline rush and shot to his van as quick as he could to lay out his cumbersome video equipment.

Nearly one month later, on September 4, 1989, Barry Conrad and Jeff Wheatcraft received a frantic call from Jackie, telling them that she would not stay in her house anymore as the poltergeist activity escalated and became more violent. Wheatcraft and Gary Boehm (one of his former classmates) decided to venture once again into the attic. Soon after Wheatcraft and Boehm ventured into the attack, Barry Conrad, Jackie and her friend Susan all reported hearing three loud snapping sounds. A loud groan was heard seconds after the sounds. The moan was of Jeff Wheatcraft, who had been hung with a tied piece of rope by an invisible force onto a nail that was attached to a rafter beam of the attic ceiling. Boehm, noticing Wheatcraft was in distress, quickly took several pictures of Wheatcraft hanging from the ceiling, then proceeded to help him off of the nail. The rope was attached so tightly around Wheatcraft’s neck, Boehm had to bend the nail down to unhook him. Wheatcraft, who lost his glasses in the ordeal, exited the attic with the group downstairs waiting for him. He still had the wire wrapped around his neck and looked very shaken. Boehm believes if he had not been in the attic with Wheatcraft, he would have strangled and died. Wheatcraft had red marks on his neck and a very bad headache for several hours later.

Jackie Hernandez moved out but still lives in San Pedro, claiming that she’s been “attacked” by a couple of other presences.

What do you think about this story? I find it very interesting, but of course I can’t deny that I have few doubts about it, but I mean… how can you explain human blood plasma coming out of the walls?

Elle. xx

5 thoughts on “The Midnight Society #2: The House That Dripped Blood

  1. Hey! Sorry I missed your last posts, I’ve been on vacation but I’m back now and just read them. It is always a great pleasure to read your works – I didn’t know about this story and is scary especially for the blood coming out of the walls and – yes you can’t really explain how that could be possible. Great job!


    • Hi Michael! It’s so nice to read your comments again. Hope you had a great holiday!
      I totally agree with you, explaining this kind of thing is pretty impossible even if I have some doubts about what happened in the attic, but still, it is a good story. Thanks!! xx


  2. Impressed by the blood thing for sure and also I have to admitt that I believe the camera thing and maybe even the hanging story… I mean… the only thing I don’t understand is why they took a picture first instead of helping a friend. wanting to proof something for true or not but wouldn’t you help first?!

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