Conjurer’s Kitchen

Hey y’all!

Today for everyone’s pleasure I’ll be writing about cakes! I’m sure you’re all thinking: “Cakes?! There’s nothing weird about cakes!” Well, wait until you see Annabel de Vetten’s creations.

Annabel, also known as Annabel Lecter, is the owner of Conjurer’s Kitchen and her gruesomely and perfect detailed style is the result of her training in fine art and taxidermy. Conjurer’s Kitchen opened in 2011 and has worked with Barbican Museum, the British Library, the shop Obscura from the television serial Oddities, and many important others.

10678824_852159144817496_8498216406441301267_n11312655_972946772738732_7137486586661101904_oThe aesthetic of her works is absolutely breathtaking! I mean, this girl combined two of my greatest passions – weird and gruesome things and cakes, mixed together with skills and magic (I went a bit Napoleon here).

Conjurer’s Kitchen is located in Birmingham, UK.

Links: Official siteFacebook


2 thoughts on “Conjurer’s Kitchen

    • When I’ve seen these cakes I went mental! I saved some pictures and fell in love with the ouija cake and the other one with the heart on top ❤ This girl is super talented! x


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