Deep Web Horror Story

I have a very ordinary routine on the web. Once I check the usual stuff such as e-mails, Facebook, YouTube, listening to some music on Spotify, see the dress I want to buy but I can’t as I’m quite broke at the moment, watching a couple of movies, then I’m perfectly done. But if you dig deep in the web you might find a horrific and dreadful place, full of terrible stories, experiments, drugs, weapons and some other kind of illegal things.

Of course you won’t find these kind of sites through your browser, you need to install a different one, but this is not a guide, so won’t tell you anything about it. Honestly, I really wanted to install it on my laptop as I WAS very curious, just call it ‘morbid curiosity’, but once I started to read some stories… well, HELL NO I’m going to have this stuff on my computer, hence I completely changed my mind. I’ve got to say that I don’t know for sure if these stories are 100% real or if we have to take them as a kind of  “creepypasta”, some people say that the “deep web” is innocuous and they use it just for silly purposes; but there’s a long list of stories and experiences other people have told.

The most “common” kind of story is about a video-feed with a chat log beside it with a BitCoin button and a start-clock countdown. People can chat in the room until the start-clock runs down, and then only the highest-bidder is visible in the chat room while everyone else must pay a certain Bitcoin amount to remain in the Chatlog to watch. The video is usually of a person or animal waiting and the one who bid the highest amount can order whatever he/she wants, which is usually something not very nice. It sounds a lot like a virtual “Hostel”, if you have ever seen that movie you know what I mean, you pay and you can do whatever you want (which it sounds a lot like modern society works). Other experiences are about people trying to buy drugs and became burglary victims – other just started to chat with random strangers and these strangers are generally professional hackers who then start to write all these people details, name, address, phone number and then turn your webcam on and start to see you and telling things.

This is not like anything I’ve ever written before, but I found this topic highly disturbing more than anything I’ve ever encoutered (or studied – forensic science) so far. How can you explain the “need” to pay a certain amount of money so you can decide about other human beings life? Honestly, the most “scary” part is that this is a well known “world” (even though I recently knew about it, good morning Elle!) but difficult to manage as all the contents are not indexed by standard search engines.

Human mind is scarier than a huge haunted mansion and if only the 1% of these hundreds of stories is real well, we need to be worried.

P.S. I do not recommend to install this thing on your laptop even if these stories could be fake… Why taking the risk?

P.P.S. Remember that The Weirdo is on Facebook, for a safe and quirky pleasure!

Elle. x

7 thoughts on “Deep Web Horror Story

    • Some stories/experiences sound too bizarre to be real so I have doubts as well. But there are some articles about illegal stores in the deep web being closed, they were selling drugs and other kinds of narcotic substances O.o but of course this sounds a lot less scary and creepy XD Who knows…

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  1. I’ve been watching many videos telling stories about the deep web. I’ve had the idea of Crush Videos stuck in my head. It’s terrible and twisted what some humans can do. I want to search the deep web simply because I have such a macabre interest in how sick and twisted we humans truly are, but on the other hand….. (I do indeed have duct tape covering my webcam). Plus, the crush vids, I could never handle seeing that ;-;

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    • I’ve seen a lot of videos on YT about deep web stories and got chills (they’re multiplying 🎶) everytime! I guess the most famous video from the deep web is called Daisy Destruction but there are people saying that is all a hoax, but just the thought of “creating” something like that (it’s a video of a little girl’s killing) makes me feel disgusted, seriously! As I said I’m very curious too but I’ll never install that thing on my pc u.u
      P.S. I do have a patch covering my webcam as well XD better be cautious! x


  2. I’ve been in some of the deepest parts of the Dark Net. Just following rabbit holes and seeing what kind of things I can find. Ive found CP threads that made me puke, ive seen gruesome accidents, live suicides and death videos. And yes, One time i found a red room. They do exist and its terrible. Stay out of the deep web if you dont know what youre doing, or rather what youre looking for. Because thats when you find the things you never wanted to see.

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