Museo Criminologico – Rome

A couple of days ago I’ve got the chance to visit the criminology museum in Rome with a great friend of mine. For just 2 Euros you can visit three floors full of weapons, miniatures of torture devices, historical artifacts, weapons, ancient forensic science sets and… oh did I mention weapons?! (You can click on each picture for the larger version)


At the very beginning there is a beautiful Iron Maiden that welcomes you and almost the entire ground floor houses miniatures of ancient torture devices but also original pieces such as guillotines, stocks, whips ,spiked chairs, spiked collars and any form of torture from the Medieval Age you can imagine.




The second floor is dedicated to the Nineteenth century and houses studies of criminal anthropology, the first forensic techniques, fragments” of the history of the prison during the nineteenth century and the origin of  judicial asylums.

The third and final floor is dedicated to the Twentieth Century gathering finds from the Italian prisons over a period of time ranging from the thirties to the nineties, evidences of deviant and criminal phenomena, espionage, organized crime, stolen property and theft of artworks. There is also an area dedicated to the murders and the news that aroused quite a stir during the years after World War II.
IMG_20151006_115643.jpg_effected IMG_20151006_115706.jpg_effected
I had a great and interesting time and even if you are not into these kind of bizarre topics I highly advice you all to visit this place (in case you are planning a trip to Rome) as it isn’t the usual touristic attraction, actually it is a quiet place where you can definitely learn a lot and being surrounded by history.
Museo Criminologico,
Via del Gonfalone, 29

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