Creepy Fact #5: Black Cat of Killakee

Ireland is famous for its vast mythology, from leprechauns and fairies to banshees and kelpies, the Emerald Isle has at least as many legends as it has real, recorded history. But not every Irish legend is fairy tale material.

The Black Cat of Killakee is an old, legendary creature that has reportedly been sighted for centuries. However, its legend really sprung to life in 1968, when a young couple bought the rundown Killakee House in Dublin and started renovating it. The workers soon reported strange sounds and eerie events, which culminated when a huge black cat with glowing demon eyes started haunting them. The lady of the house first thought the workmen were merely superstitious, but soon, she and her husband started encountering the beast as well, the Black Cat appeared in hallways and areas with clearly locked doors, staring and snarling at frightened witnesses.

Before long, an exorcism was performed in the premises. This took care of the cat, at least, for a few months. An unwitting séance held by a group of actors not only brought the Black Cat back, but also caused the house to be haunted by a pair of ghostly nuns who, claimed by a medium, were the unhappy spirits of two women who had assisted at satanic rituals held by the “famous” Hellfire Club in the 18th century.

Elle. x

5 thoughts on “Creepy Fact #5: Black Cat of Killakee

    • I’ve heard this story ages ago from a Ghost Adventures episode :p it’s perfect for this Halloween time.
      Me too, there are a lot of interesting legends! Scotland has also a lot of spooky stories in its tradition and culture 😉 x

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  1. Hey there! I’ve been following this blog from a while and I’m loving it! This creepy halloween countdown definitely worth the daily hype!
    Love from the UK.

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    • Hi Mrs. Lovett (love your username!), thank you very much for this kind comment, I really appreciate it ❤ Glad you’re enjoying this countdown, it means a lot to me! Elle. x


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