Dr. H.H. Holmes

In 1893 Dr. Henry Howard Holmes (born Herman Webster Mudgett) opened the “Worlds Fair Hotel”, a massive three-storey block long structure, known locally as “The Castle”. However it also had another purpose; the murder of women and hiding their bodies.

Using a series of different contractors, Holmes constructed a labyrinthine agglomeration of rooms, secret passages, false doors, stairways to nowhere and other traps and murder devices, but it was in the basement that he would perform dissections and other gruesome “works”

So, does this story sound familiar? Well, if you’re watching American Horror Story: Hotel you might find a huge “resemblance” to James Patrick March. This character built the Cortez Hotel in the same way, as a grisly and scary maze from which none of his victims can escape.

Are you watching the series? What’s your opinion about it? As always, let me know in the comment!

Elle. x

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