The Midnight Society #4: Casa Matusita


The entire web is full of urban legends that tell of gruesome events taking place in abandoned homes. Homes surrounded by an halo of mystery by the testimonies of people who claim to have seen shadows behind the windows, hearing terrifying screams or worse, to have seen several ghosts wandering aimlessly along the corridors.


The Casa Matusita (Matusita House) in Lima (Perú) is the most haunted place in the country. The two storey house is built exactly on where the wall of Lima (conquistador times) ran through. This wall was used as a “partition” from the Spaniards, and everyone else. Artifacts have been found nearby suggesting the area (Plaza Mayor) was a place for pre-Columbian worship. But onto the house and its strangely blood soaked history: the tale begins with a woman Dervaspa Parvaneh, buying the house in 1753. Said to be a witch for her ability to cure diseases spreading around the capital at the time, she was captured, tortured, and eventually burned at the stake. Supposedly, while engulfed in the flames around her she screamed a curse out. It is believed to be “doom on any who live there.”

The next occupant was a wealthy land owner, mostly known for tormenting his servants for his entertainment. One day when the homeowner hosted a lunch to some guests, the employees decided to take revenge, legend has it that employees put a potent hallucinogen in the food. The result was monstrous, something that not even the servants imagined: mutilated bodies lying in agony, blood on the walls, the furniture smashed, and pieces of flesh and bone on the floor. All guests, including their boss, had gone mad and ripped each other apart. The servants, overwhelmed at what they had done hung themselves.


Eventually the house was bought by a wealthy japanese man who lived in that place with his wife for a few years. The man was very jealous and one day returning earlier from work, he found hus wife in “company” of another man, needless to say that he killed them all with a sword, including his child and then committed suicide.

A few exorcisms were done but none of them worked, on the contrary a priest died of a heart attack induced by fear.

Many times the house was scheduled to be demolished, but something came up that prevented it, therefore, the mayor of the city decided to leave the house as it was, making the Casa Matusita a very interesting place for all the paranormal lovers out there.

Elle. x

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