Haunted Obejcts

A haunting occurs when a ghost or other supernatural being refuses to move on after death but instead choosing to dwell among the living. Though most people associate hauntings with houses, a spirit or demon can attach themselves to just about any object, from jewelry to paintings.

Chair of Death:


In 1702, a convicted murderer named Thomas Busby was about to be hanged for his crimes. His last request was to have his final meal served at his favorite pub in Thirsk, England. He finished his meal, stood up, and said, “May sudden death come to anyone who dare sit in my chair.” During World War II, airmen from an nearby base made the pub a hot spot, and the chair became a “hot seat” and people noticed that the ones who sat in it would never come back from war. In 1967, two Royal air force pilots sat in it, and while driving back, they crashed into a tree and died. A few years later, two brick layers decided to try it, and that afternoon, the one who sat in it fell to his death. The cursed chair has apparently “killed” every person who sat in it, no matter what. Some instances include a roofer who sat in it died after the roof he was working on collapsed, and a cleaning woman stumbled into it while mopping, and was later killed by a brain tumor. Eventually, the pub owner moved it into the basement, hoping that nobody would sit in it. However, one day a delivery man was in the basement and sat in it, an hour later, he crashed his truck and died. After that death, the landlord asked the local museum to take it. to ensure nobody sat in it again, they hung the chair five feet from the ground. (Image: X)

The Goddess of Death:


Nicknamed “The Goddess of Death,” The Women from Lemb is a statue carved from pure limestone that was discovered in 1878 in Lemb, Cypruss. The item dates back to 3500 B.C., and is believed to represent a goddess. The statue was first owned by Lord Elphont, and within six years of having the statue in his possession, all seven of the Elphont family members had died from mysterious causes. Both of the next two owners, Ivor Manucci and Lord Thompson-Noel, also died along with their entire families just a few short years after taking the statue into their homes.  The fourth owner, Sir Alan Biverbrook, died as well, along with his wife and two of their daughters. Two of Biverbrook’s sons remained, and though they weren’t big believers in the occult, they were scared enough by the sudden and strange deaths of four of their family members that they decided to donate the statue to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, where it remains today. Shortly after the item was placed in the museum, the chief of the section where the statue dwelled suddenly died as well, though no museum curator will admit that the statue may have supernatural properties. No one has handled the statue since that first museum worker who passed away, and the item is safely under glass and protected from human hands. (Image: X)

Valentino’s Ring:


Rudolph Valentino was considered to be one of the greatest silent actors of all time and it wasn’t until he bought a ring that everything went pear shaped for his career, and for himself. He bought a ring in the 1920s and supposedly, when he showed off his new purchase to a friend, they had an image of him as a corpse. Valentino shrugged off the premonition but ever since this encounter, he was plagued with bad luck. His career flopped and he died not long after, his lover who also wore the ring became mysteriously ill, and the person who played him in a biography of his life also died having worn the ring. Years later, a man named Joe Casino bought the ring and waited seven years until he thought the curse was lifted until he wore the ring. He died a week later.

Robert the Doll:


I’m pretty sure we all know the story of Annabelle , but what about Robert?!

The doll belonged to Robert Otto in 1896 and it was apparently gifted to him by a servant who practiced black magic and possessed a strong dislike for his family. However, it wasn’t until people could hear the doll talk back to Robert that they started to get a little concerned. The doll then became active. Neighbours would see it appear in windows when no one was in the house, it would vandalise rooms, break objects and of course, poor Robert got the blame, despite how openly terrified he was of this doll. After Robert died, another family bought the house and upon finding the doll in the attic, a little girl was just as terrified as poor Robert and said that the doll wanted to kill her and do terrible things. Although it is now on display in a museum in Key West, it is still cursing people. The legend is that you have to ask for its permission to take a photo of the doll and if you don’t, you’re simply cursed. Surrounding the doll are letters of forgiveness from people who have taken photographs without its permission, asking for him to lift the curse. (Image: X)

Tallman Bunk Beds:


Alan and Debby Tallman purchased a bunk bed from a second hand shop in February 1987. After they purchased it, they stored it downstairs in the basement for nine months before bringing it upstairs for their children to sleep in. But as soon as they brought it up into their home, things started to get creepy fast. Their children became ill and claimed that they saw a witch, and the radio started to change stations, seemingly all on its own. Eventually the Tallman family got a pastor, and things started to get a little better. However, soon after Christmas of 1988, the haunting started again. After coming home one day, Alan heard a voice urging him to, ‘come here.’ He followed the creepy voice to the garage, where he found a blazing fire. Alan rushed to get a fire extinguisher, but when he came back to put the fire out, it had seemingly disappeared. The family became so fed up with the bunk beds that they decided to burn them, which coincidentally stopped the haunting. (Image: X)


I’ll be writing another post about haunted dolls as I found several stories on them! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little scary list and let me know what you think about this topic.

Elle. xx




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