Haunted Dolls.

Here it is, as promised, a post completely dedicated to haunted dolls. So, if you suffer from pediophobia you may NOT enjoy this post (Sorry)!

A haunted doll is a handmade or manufactured doll or stuffed animal that is purported to be cursed or possessed in some way. The earliest report of a haunted doll goes back to Egypt where the enemies of Ramses III attempted to use wax images of his likeness to bring about his death.

Here a little list of the most dangerous, spooky and evil dolls:



It’s almost impossible not to start thi list with the most famous haunted doll. I’m pretty sure you all know her story, but in case you’ve been living under a rock here a few words about Annabelle. In 1970, a woman shopping in a thrift store bought a Raggedy-Ann style doll for her daughter, who was in college. Her daughter liked it and put it in her apartment, but soon she and her roommate both noticed odd things happening involving the doll.  The frightened girls contacted a psychic medium, who told them that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a young girl who had died in the apartment building. “Annabelle” said that she liked the college girls, and wanted to stay with them, so they told her that she could, granting the spirit this permission lead to increased paranormal activity in their apartment, including having a male friend get attacked by the doll one night, leaving vicious scratch marks all over his chest and torso.  Eventually the girls contacted renowned psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The married duo soon found that the doll is not possessed by the spirit of a child, but it is possessed by a demon who had lied about its identity in order to get close to the girls, perhaps intending to possess one or both of them. The girls gave “Annabelle” to the Warrens, who encased it in a glass display cabinet in their Occult Museum in Connecticut.

Devil Baby Doll:


New Orleans (which is on my “MUST VISIT” list) has a history rich with folklore and voodoo. Legend has it that during the 1800s, a daughter from an affluent family married a wealthy Scotsman. An angry, jealous ex-lover of hers sought revenge and asked the Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau, for help. Laveau cast a powerful curse on the newlywed bride, who ended up dying while giving birth to her first child. Before the newlywed died, she gave birth to a horrible creature that resembled the lord of the underworld himself. Laveau brought the baby home and cared for it up until her death. The citizens of New Orleans feared the Devil Baby. People say it would hide in the shadows and alleys, wrecking havoc wherever it went. To protect themselves, townsfolk would carve fake devil babies out of gourds and hang the dolls outside their homes to frighten off the real one. It is said that some of these dolls are still around today but rare to find one and they are highly coveted by historical object collectors. Artist Ricardo Pustiano claims to have been able to buy remnants of the last remaining doll from that era and currently recreates them for purchase. Many customers have claimed these dolls are evil, following you with their glass eyes and moving on their own. They come with “buyer beware” warnings, because it appears the spirit of the Devil Baby is alive and well. (Photo: X)



Anna is the current owner of a baby doll named Joliet, her family has passed down Joliet for four generations and even though the doll comes with a terrible curse, the family does not dare part with it.  It said that the women in Anna’s family are cursed to keep up a macabre tradition. Each daughter will ultimately give birth to two children, a boy and a girl. The son is destined to die on its third day of birth. Its spirit is then transferred to the doll where other children from the family’s legacy have already been sealed within Anna’s been told Joliet was given to her then-pregnant great-grandmother by a vengeful friend. Soon after, her great-grandmother gave birth to a boy, only to have it die on day three. Giggles and inhuman screams are heard in the night, coming from the doll. The family claims the cries of different infants can be heard, making the doll appear to be the vessel for all the baby boys lost over the years.

The Puppet:

The puppet’s previous owner claimed that the spirit attached to the toy violently attacked him, and unsurprisingly is relieved its eerie behaviour has been captured on film. In the clip, which looks especially creepy as it was filmed using nightvision, the control stick of the puppet can be seen raising up by itself and knocking against the glass case it’s locked in.

Voodoo Zombie Dolls:


This voodoo zombie doll originated in New Orleans and was sold through eBay to a woman in Galveston, Texas. The eBay listing gave rules to abide by while owning this doll. These included not removing it from its silver casing, a rule the woman broke as soon as the doll arrived. The woman claims the doll haunted her dreams and would attack her repeatedly. She relisted it on eBay several times and succeeded in selling it, only to have the new buyer receive an empty box while the doll kept reappearing at her doorstep. Most recently, the doll entered the possession of a self-proclaimed ghost hunter who hopes to figure out its mystery. (Photo: X)

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Elle. x


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