The Weirdo STORE!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m glad to announce the opening of The Weirdo store! YAAAAAY! I’m very happy and excited about it! It’s still a bit of a “work in progress” as me and technology, CSS, Html don’t go hand in hand but you can find a few pretty products on the store already! There will be some new products soon, so STAY TUNED!

Meanwhile you can click –HERE– and see what’s in store!

Lots of love!

Elle. x

Get the Weirdo Look! (Cool Stuff for Weirdos #3)

Though I don’t generally write about fashion and related topics, I went a bit (weird) shopping-crazy lately and wanted to show you my latest purchases that I highly adore!

12032107_10207287623459482_5630764572748211216_nI never planned on buying stuff from Aliexpress, though I knew it is a good site, just the thought that it could take up to more than a month to receive the purchase gave me the nerves. But then something happened, I’ve seen that beautimous tank top you see in the picture above, anything related to body-bizareness has to be MINE, so completely fell in love with it and bought it the second I saw it (it was only $6.17. BARGAIN!), then in the same store I found the Addams Family sweatshirt and as I love the movies and the series I got that too (another bargain, it was only $12).

The sweatshirt is pretty easy to style. It goes amazingly well with a skinny black jeans and a pair of CREEPERS

As for the tank top I like to style it in a more goth-grungy look, hear me well: Black cardigan, black tight skirt, tights (of course) and as for the shoes you really can’t go wrong with a pair of Dr. Martens or a pair of chunky heeled Chelsea Boots. Of course how can you forget about the make up? With a look like this I often use a pearlescent baked eyeshadow and go BIG on the lips with a dark berry lipstick, which is usually Hang Up by MAC (which is also the only MAC lipstick I own).

If you’re interested you can find the tank top –here-, gutted to say that the sweatshirt is sold out.

I hope you won’t mind this kind of post from time to time. I just love to give some advices if you are looking for cool and different/unique stuff to buy.

P.S.: I haven’t received these clothes for free so what you read in this post is my genuine opinion.

Elle. xx

Cool Stuff for Weirdos #2: Moon Craft Emporium

Here we are with another great and wise advice on how to spend your money for handmade, cool and, this time, vegan products! (Click here if you missed the first call of Cool Stuff for Weirdos)

The Moon Craft Emporium is run by Brittany who creates the most unique and beautiful soaps, but also bath bombs, lip balms, bath melts and herbal bath sachets.

The aesthetic of her products recalls a spiritual, witchy atmosphere where you can submerge yourself (literally) and being surrounded by floral and spicy scents. Not only all the products are handmade but they’re also vegan, therefore cruelty-free. (Vegan friends you’re welcome!)

                   Ghost in the Fog- Vanilla Bergamot Vegan Hand Crafted Bath Soap

Moon Craft Emporium links: Facebook – Etsy Shop – Instagram

Elle. xx

Cool stuff for Weirdos #1: Burke & Hare Co.

Hey y’all! Hope you all had a nice Easter time, as for me I’m still on a chocolate overdose.

I decided to create a new “section” called ‘Cool stuff for Weirdos’ where yours truly will share with you all interesting and unique stuff. I’ll be starting from Burke & Hare Co. a company based in Providence that produces candles inspired by goth culture, literature and history.

All the items in this shop are handmade and, personally, I’m in love with their aesthetic. Moreover the mix of the scents is pretty unique, just thinking of ‘Nevermore‘ the candle dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe, where leather and tobacco blend with black tea, spicy pepper and woods with a subtle undertone of sandalwood.

Burned At The Stake‘ is another candle that caught my attention, mainly because I love everything “witchcraft” related. As written on their site this candle smells purely like a sweet bonfire, burning leaves and pine with almost silent hints of clove and spices.

Another one that makes me very curious about it is ‘Bathory‘ featuring fresh zest of Blood Oranges surrounded by a blend of Cassis and Neroli alongside the spicy notes of Black and Chili Peppers, ending with Sheer Musk. I bet it smells incredibly amazing.

Picking just one or two candles is a very hard mission as they all have something unique that you just want to buy them all, so take your time, read all the descriptions and… may God have mercy of your wallet.

Burke & Hare Co. – Etsy – Twitter Facebook