Creepy Fact #4: Feather Death Crown

I love to read about other countries folklore, there are a lot of wonderful yet weird stories out there and I’ve recently discovered this one that I’m just about to tell you.

Death crown, also known as “feather” or “angel crowns,” still amaze people today in the same way that they did just a few centuries ago. This story presumably comes from the Appalachian area, but could have trekked with people from other places.

These feather crowns were known to form in the feather pillow of someone who had died, signifying that the person had gone to heaven. Crowns could also form in the pillows of sick people who were near death. The quills of the feathers are directed inward, and hold themselves together. These odd formations are usually interpreted as a heavenly sign, but skeptics believe that the movements of a dying person, tossing and turning combined with fever sweats, could cause these objects to take form. –HERE– you will find tons of interesting pictures

Skeptic or not, I believe that this is a stunning “folktale” that reminds us of old tradition and belief and also a thought to our beloved ones that are not with us anymore. (Think I went too sad here)

Elle. x

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